Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finished the excavation, concrete peering :

internal drainage done:

preparing for the concrete house slab:

concrete house slab done !! They only spent half day on it !!

Ground floor's frames are up :

From the backyard:

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

St.George Illawarra's new House

St.George Illawarra's new House

We bought a 80 yrs old fibro wood house about 5 yrs ago in Inner South West of Sydney.

Our land is around 500 square meters, and the frontage is 14m wide.

Now my family is grow up and we think we saved enough $$ to build our dream house.

We started to look around, and been to the New Home world many many times in Kellyville.
Firstly we like these builder:
AllCastel Home

We asked for the tender quote from them, but eventually we dropped out because we found out there are many hidden fees and other issues.

We then did our research again and finally we selected custom design builder Lifestyle Homes to design and build our dream house.